June 14, 2023 Marketing & Technology: The power of MarTech  

Digital Marketing Executive, Abbi discusses how Oak is streamlining their marketing for success

Marketing & Technology: The power of MarTech  

A year on from starting at Oak and it’s been a whirlwind of excitement to say the least. Ramping up Oak’s marketing efforts in today’s fast-paced digital world requires synergy between marketing and technology and is essential to remain competitive.  

This past year, has given me the opportunity to push my skill set, implement, establish as well as train my colleagues in cutting-edge martech, to not only provide exceptional customer and employee experiences, but also to streamline Oak’s outputs. 

In this article, I will delve into Oak’s MarTech landscape and how we have enhanced the customer experience and drive efficiency: 

How to streamline Marketing Tasks and Save Time 

It was imperative to optimise our task management; as a five-jurisdictional organisation with diverse events, services and colleagues; I knew that utilising the appropriate tools to streamline was essential.   

To name a few tools, we've used Hootsuite for social media planning, HubSpot for a CRM and a live chatbot, V1CE for NFC business cards, ChatGPT for keywords and customer insights, Adobe for designing in the cloud, and SharePoint for immediate content sharing.  

Many of these tools have enabled us to automate and save our teams time by removing the need to perform tedious and time-consuming duties, allowing us to focus on strategic initiatives that drive results. 

Using MarTech to Build Stronger Relationships and Personalisation:  

Using MarTech has allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of our clients and customers, in turn strengthening our relationships. We now analyse and report on customer data to gain valuable insights into our customer preferences, behaviours, and requirements. This allows us to deliver personalised, customised content and marketing experiences that resonate with our target audience, resulting in a more engaging and pertinent customer journey. 

Making Data-Driven Decisions:  

Finally, MarTech has given us the ability to assess and analyse our marketing outputs. We track key metrics, conversions, and consumer interactions with data analytics tools. This data enables the creation of comprehensive reports that provide actionable insights into the success or failure of marketing campaigns. 

By utilising MarTech effectively, we are streamlining our marketing outputs and improving on our customer experience everyday. The combination and adoption of emerging trends such as artificial intelligence (AI) which enable us to automate tasks, create personalised marketing and make data-driven decisions positions us to continuously evolve and embrace new technology, keeping Oak competitive to deliver exceptional sustainable excellence.  

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