October 18, 2023 Oak x Girls That Row!

Abbi discusses how Oak have supported her team’s season of rowing success

Oak x Girls That Row!

Ever since I joined the team at Oak, their dedication to help grow my professional career has gone hand in hand with their support for my offshore Coastal Rowing accomplishments with my team, Girls That Row.  

I began racing in competitive coastal rowing in 2021, but this year was a very exciting turning point since I began to compete at a much higher level in the offshore championships. Initially, striking a balance between work, training, and competing posed a challenge, but Oak's ethos revolves around empowering employees to realise their full potential, both within and outside the office. 

Starting at Oak in mid-2022 as their Digital Marketing Executive, I was presented with the challenge of adjusting to a new position while chasing my passion for competitive coastal rowing. Oak has played a crucial part in my professional growth, not only helping me by supporting training sessions and courses to continue my professional development, but they have also given me the time and flexibility I need to pursue my rowing ambitions. 

Navigating the 2023 rowing season, which kicked off in Wales and the UK before ending up in Europe, meant competing against top-tier river and coastal rowers. Throughout this intense season, Oak's understanding of the dedication and commitment required at this level proved vital. They accommodated to my morning training sessions, to early leave from the office to hit the water for training, and even offered special leave for offshore competitions. 

Photo by James Lee

I am so grateful to Oak for their recognition of my interests outside of work and their offering of a flexible work schedule. Having an employer that not only acknowledges but actively supports employees has not only contributed to a culture that fosters growth but has also enabled me to lead a holistic and fulfilling lifestyle. 

Follow the progress of the Girls That Row team here: Girls That Row (@girlsthatrow) • Instagram photos and videos 

Group CTO, John Doublard commented, “Abbi’s commitment to her sport is inspirational, to achieve what Abbi and the Girls That Row team have accomplished in such a short period of time together is astonishing and I look forward to seeing them build upon their successes in the future”.  

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