About us

Originally formed in 1999, Oak Trust in Guernsey consolidated with Consortia Partnership in Jersey, Kreston in the Isle of Man and IAG in Guernsey since 2018, forming what is now Oak Group.

Oak Group is a private client, corporate and fund administration services company with a 'client-first' mentality. We provide exceptional, personalised client service, fostering lasting relationships built on trust, integrity and expertise. With our collaborative approach, we strive to create long-term value for our clients, while maintaining the highest standards of conduct.

With more than 200 employees, we strive to create an environment where our people are cared for, enabled, empowered, and supported. We prioritise the continuous growth and development of our people, recognising that their success is the foundation of our excellent service and our shared prosperity. ESG is something we take very seriously; it is at the centre of everything we do.