May 26, 2023 Oak, a jurisdictionally agnostic business

By Jo Gorrod

Our global approach to trust and estate planning

Oak, a jurisdictionally agnostic business

In an increasingly interconnected world, individuals and businesses are seeking financial services that transcend traditional jurisdictional boundaries. One such area of interest is jurisdictionally agnostic fiduciary services, which offer a global approach to trust and estate planning. These services provide clients with flexibility, privacy, and a range of legal and financial options that extend beyond the confines of any single jurisdiction.

What this means to Oak is that we recognise that the choice of office is driven by our client’s needs rather than internal business drivers. We do not compete internally between offices our priority is matching specific client needs with the correct jurisdiction by providing customised solutions. We offer the flexibility to choose the most suitable legal and financial framework for your circumstances.

We work with international families with a global presence that often have touching points across multiple jurisdictions. A key consideration for these families is often asset protection and ensuring that their assets are held in a stable, well-regulated and secure jurisdiction. Global families are also conscious of the need to ensure that cross-border structures are tax efficient and opt for jurisdictions offering tax neutrality such as the jurisdictions which Oak operates in.

We aim to centralise our relationship management with a primary office whilst utilising the expertise and services from our sister offices. The benefit for our customers is that they have a single point of contact at Oak able to meet all their needs.

We provide a full range of fiduciary services from Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man and Mauritius whilst there are regulatory nuances between the jurisdictions, they are all firmly established well-regulated jurisdictions. We apply the highest standards of regulation across our business allowing us to work from a common framework and set of standards across all locations. Each of our offices has developed expertise in different market sectors over time and we leverage this experience when deciding on the optimum location for services.

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