March 6, 2023 Oak celebrate one year in IFC5

Why our Jersey business chose to relocate to IFC5

Oak celebrate one year in IFC5

On February 28, 2022, Oak Jersey moved into the International Finance Centre 5 (IFC5). After working intermittently from home and in the office, our relocation to IFC5 was not only a great way to reunite the entire team, but also to realign with our new business purpose. 

Given the investment we've put into our people and offices, across all of our jurisdictions, the IFC5 was a natural fit for us. The IFC was deemed one of the most prestigious modern Super-Prime Grade developments, containing floor-to-ceiling windows on all four facades, designed to maximise natural light and external views. 

This year, we were delighted to be able to invite our clients, intermediaries, Guernsey colleagues, and our own employees to the office, out of hours, to celebrate our one-year anniversary. 

Jersey's Managing Director, Jo Gorrod said: 

“It is thanks to the continued support of the people in this room that we are here celebrating, from the fantastic team we have locally, to our Guernsey colleagues, our shareholders, the intermediaries we partner with and the founders of the business".

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