June 21, 2023 Protecting your legacy: overseas assets

Why transferring assets overseas can secure your family's future

Protecting your legacy: overseas assets

Spreading your assets outside of your home country can offer many benefits. An Offshore structure allows for geographical diversification, reducing your exposure to a single jurisdiction and increases privacy whilst providing access to international investment opportunities. 

How Offshore Structuring Diversifies Risk and Increases Stability 

A broad spreading of assets across multiple jurisdictions has numerous advantages. Minimising exposure to economic and political uncertainties in a single country, increases stability, provides access to a broader variety of investment opportunities and enables wealth management strategies to become more flexible. We live in an increasingly turbulent world and for many families their future financial security may rely on holding some of their assts in a stable, well-regulated international finance centre. 

A structure to hold these diverse assets may be the next step as any family will want to ensure that they have the right oversight and governance in place to keep track of their affairs.  

Enhancing Privacy and Confidentiality Offshore

By transferring assets offshore, you can maintain privacy and confidentiality for your family. High profile families can often be targeted, and a structure may provide an element of extra protection. 

Offshore frameworks and structures that can be utilised to safeguard confidentially include: 

  • Trust structures 
  • Private foundations 
  • Limited Lability Partnerships (LLPs) 

How You Can Access International Investment Opportunities  

Investing in international markets enables individuals to expand their investment opportunities, these markets offer the potential for higher returns, exposure to emerging industries and the ability to capitalise on global economic development. 

Asset Protection and Succession Planning  

An offshore structure can help to protect assets for the future and also enables the orderly transfer of wealth to the next generation. .  

By appointing  an experienced professional Trustee to look after your global family assets you can take comfort that your international assets are being looked after in a stable well regulated jurisdiction.   

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