July 9, 2022 Mauritius celebrates World Environment Day

Oak Mauritius took part in a tree-planting ceremony organised by the MBN

Mauritius celebrates World Environment Day

Our team in Mauritius planted seven endemic trees on the Citadel Fort's slopes in Port Louis, the country's capital, on July 9. 

To plant the trees, 30 individuals gathered for more than two hours, including Oak and teams from the Mauritius Business Network. 

A Woodward Family Tree and seven endemic trees, one for each jurisdiction, were sponsored by Oak. Endemic trees were chosen because they are native to the slopes and thrive in the local climate with a  very long lifespan of more than 50 years. 

We were proud to support of this fantastic sustainable initiative because, as we all know, there is no planet B and reforestation a great way to support our planet.   

Joe Woodward - “My time in Mauritius was short but it had a massive impact on me and my family. We all have a duty to look after the world around us, but we felt particularly strongly that it was important for us to leave a positive impression on the beautiful island that gave us so much.” 

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