May 12, 2023 Momentum Global Citizen Masterclass Webinar

Mark Chasey discusses offshore investments with Momentum Trust

Momentum Global Citizen Masterclass Webinar

Join Mark Chasey on Momentum's first Global Citizen webinar event. This session aims to equip individuals with tools and resources to become knowledgeable and involved global citizens.  

Listen in to Mark and other distinguished experts utilise real-world examples and case studies that highlight the intricacies of: 

  • Offshore investing and tax ramifications 
  • Legal and regulatory risk 
  • Estate planning issues 
  • The importance of selecting an appropriate platform and jurisdiction for offshore investments  

This webinar offers a unique opportunity for individuals to gain an understanding on global issues and will help broaden your knowledge base and skill set. 

See Mark’s talk here, or access the full webinar. 

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