October 13, 2023 Oak Group appoints new Group Chief Executive Officer

Kim Sgarlata is appointed to lead Oak’s transformational growth journey

Oak Group appoints new Group Chief Executive Officer

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Kim Sgarlata as Group CEO. 

With an extensive background in a variety of international financial services and a proven track record of success, Kim demonstrates the knowledge, abilities and integrity needed to navigate complex business environments. She is well-positioned to have a big impact on the strategic direction and future growth of Oak. 

Her distinguished career extending over two decades has provided her with the opportunity to hold key leadership positions in prominent financial institutions, consistently delivering cutting-edge solutions and promoting organisational excellence, instrumental in assisting businesses overcome substantial challenges and achieve lasting success in the fast-paced world of international finance. 


“I am excited to join Oak Group and contribute to its continued success," said Kim. "I firmly believe that we can drive thoughtful growth and produce long-lasting value for our clients and stakeholders by fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment for our talent and by harnessing the latest technology capabilities to drive our business. Best people plus best technology equals best client service. I am laser-focused on our mission to create a truly unique client and employee value proposition." 


Mark Chasey, Chair of Oak Group, added


"We are delighted to welcome Kim to our executive team. Her extensive expertise, coupled with her forward-thinking approach, aligns perfectly with our strategic goals and reinforces our commitment to our core pillars: people, planet and value." 


The inclusion of Kim Sgarlata to the leadership team signals the beginning our next chapter of innovation and expansion as well as a bright future of sustained growth. 

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