October 27, 2021 Oak Guernsey Sign up to ‘Be a Pane’ Campaign

Oak has kick-started GROW’s 2021 scheme to raise funds for new headquarters

Oak Guernsey Sign up to ‘Be a Pane’ Campaign

The locally based financial services provider is the first to sign up to a charity initiative aimed at funding a new headquarters for Guernsey’s learning disabled.

The scheme, called ‘Be A Pane In Our Glass’ was launched at the recent IoD Convention where businesses were asked to sign up to one of two levels of support – a contribution of £1,000 for those with up to 50 staff or £2,000 for larger companies. Oak, with almost 100 staff, has chosen the larger of the two options.

Be A Pane was the brainchild of Nathalie Pike, a director of GROW Ltd and chair of Friends of GROW (FRoGs). Mrs Pike said, ‘I was thinking about how to pay for replacing the greenhouses at GROW and came up with the idea of asking people to effectively buy a pane of glass. So to bring the concept to life we asked Ink It On, the local personalised merchandising company, to make up glass coasters with a unique GROW design on them.’

Mrs Pike is keen to encourage other businesses to join the scheme. ‘The colourful coasters include GROW’s logo and will look good on any desk or coffee table and an ideal Christmas gift for staff, clients or contacts,’ she said.

To find out more about the ‘Be a Pane’ scheme businesses should email redevelopment@grow.gg or contact GROW Ltd director Marguerite Talmage on 07911 719081

Be a Pane coasters are also available to the public at £10 for one or £25 for a set of three different designs. These are available at a number of local outlets including Creaseys Home Store, and on the Bridge, the Health Connection shops, the Chamber of Commerce office and GROW.

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