June 23, 2023 Oak Group, the flexible employer of choice

Find how we offer staff mobility throughout our various jurisdictions.

Oak Group, the flexible employer of choice

As an industry leading employer in the Financial Services sector, Oak Group is pleased to offer and encourage staff mobility throughout our various jurisdictions.  Here’s how our Guernsey and Mauritius offices came together to offer a "Managing Director swap". 

Joe Woodward spent his career in Guernsey, joining Oak in early 2020 before accepting the post of Managing Director of Oak Mauritius in 2021.  He was able to oversee the successful expansion of Oak Mauritius, growing the team to more than 40 people strong.  However, despite the amazing experience and success of his time there, for family reasons he had to return to Guernsey in July this year. 

“Working for a global, flexible business like Oak has given me opportunities I never thought I would have.  I can’t believe how seamless Oak made it to relocate halfway around the world, whilst still doing what we do best – servicing our people and our clients.”  Joe Woodward – Managing Director Private Wealth, Guernsey 

After Joe decided it was time to return, we were confronted with the dilemma of bringing a new director into the Mauritius office or offering the post to an existing colleague. 

With Joe's return, Paul Schreibke, Managing Director of Guernsey, Private Wealth, at the time, decided this was a fantastic time for a change and Mauritius would be the ideal location for him and his family, with Oak supporting him the entire way.  Already accustomed to the golden white beaches of Guernsey, exchanging them for the crystal-clear lagoons and shimmering white beaches of the Indian Ocean didn't seem like such a bad trade! 

Joe Woodward on a Guernsey beach sporting a Mauritius t-shirt

Paul said: “I feel extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to relocate to the tropical island of Mauritius.  With Oak's support, the transition from Guernsey and changeover from Joe has been straightforward, allowing me to continue supporting the business and advising my clients.  I can now experience a different culture and environment with the unwavering support of my employer.” 

Now that the dust has settled, both Joe and Paul have successfully adjusted to their new positions, demonstrating the mobility model that Oak offers to all employees.  With our people-first mission, it is our aim to ensure that we offer and provide a unified team with a common goal under the banner of one Oak. 

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