March 29, 2023 Oak support 161 Foundation during their flood relief

Learn how the I61 Foundation helped families in need following severe flooding

Oak support 161 Foundation during their flood relief

Several families were impacted by the heavy rainfall that occurred throughout January and February on the island of Mauritius. 

Not only were different regions of the island affected by heavy rainfall, but a cut in the running water (CWA) supply left many islanders without and in desperate need. 

These families originated from Carré D'As, Le Morne, Coteau Raffin, and Case Noyale, four of the poorest regions of Mauritius. During this period of torrential rain, tragically saw the loss of a child, as well as families losing food and water supplies due to the rising flood water, becoming soaked due to roof leaks and a several-days of interruption for clean running water. 

The 161 Foundation was able to distribute, in the sweltering heat, clean drinking water and food packs to 90 families across 11 villages. 

We are proud to be able to support such a wonderful and vital organisation, with 100% of the funds and supplies raised going to the project. 


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