October 4, 2022 Oak works with Potting Shed to rebrand

Learn how we collaborated to align our updated brand with our commitment to sustainability

Oak works with Potting Shed to rebrand

We recently partnered with the Potting Shed to help us define the brand that would support our purpose. We wanted the Oak brand to really convey our collaborative approach and to ensure our sustainability focus was clear. 

They took the time to understand what our brand and purpose meant to our people, and what working at Oak is like, understanding the richness of safety, inclusiveness, and truly grasping Oak's purpose. As the team worked with us from start to finish, they were able to document and record the entire process, which you can view here. 

And so, the Oak ecosystem was born, highlighting how our people work together, like the micro workings of a tree and therein a forest. 

John Doublard, CTO of Oak Group said: “It was a pleasure to collaborate with Ed, Keelie and Josh from the Potting Shed, they quickly grasped our vision in a way that unified everything and produced a genuinely unique and well-thought-out creative.  

The attention to detail and promptness in delivering the project was impressive and appreciated by all at Oak”.  

You can read how Potting Shed worked with our People to recreate our brand here, you can also watch a short overview of our rebrand here.

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