July 21, 2023 Oak x FutureTracker

Learn how FutureTracker is helping us on our ESG journey.

Oak x FutureTracker

We decided to partner with FutureTracker, an online platform built by a group of highly qualified sustainability professionals which help companies measure, manage, understand, report and reduce carbon emissions.

As a purpose-led business, FutureTracker enables us to effectively implement a positive change by evaluating our carbon emissions on our behalf, saving us time and hassle. Partnering has also facilitated us in upskilling our employees on this new area of business, providing us with insight and a leadership position in understanding how we can best serve our people while having a positive impact. 

Our Head of Sustainability said:

“Using FutureTracker has been a transformative experience for us at Oak. With an intricate analysis of our carbon footprint across our jurisdictions, they've enabled us to understand our environmental impact at a granular level. Their detailed review of Scope 1, 2, and selective Scope 3 emissions has illuminated potential improvement areas and guided us in shaping our sustainability journey. More importantly, it has made sustainability a topic of conversation, spurring staff involvement and fostering a culture of environmental awareness”

We can now be assured that every office is balancing carbon emissions, and we look the future, now prepared to tackle our planets challenges. 

Read our case study with FutureTracker here 

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