August 21, 2023 One year since our rebrand 

Read about how our rebrand helped us embrace our new identity

One year since our rebrand 

Today, we are celebrating a year since our rebrand at Oak Group. This transformative journey has not only redefined our identity but also strengthened our connection to our core pillars - People, Planet, and Value. 

Why we rebranded

Rebranding has given us the opportunity to reinvent our brand identity, connect with a new audience, and represent ourselves in a manner that more accurately reflects our company purpose. 

When we rebranded Oak in 2022, we wanted to ensure that we communicated our values and approach to business, representing a company that we were proud of and that benefits everyone who interacts with us, so we looked within and asked our teams what was most important to them.  From there, we launched our 3 pillars...  

  • People – A people-first business, putting people at the centre of everything we do. We understand how important it is to foster a supportive culture in which our colleagues can thrive 
  • Planet – A unique and meaningful purpose-led business, with sustainability at its core; a leader in promoting positive social and environmental outcomes globally. 
  • Value – We are a business that delivers sustainable levels of excellence to create value for our clients, our employees, our shareholders and for the communities in which we exist. 

About our ecosystem

Our new visual identity, The Oak ecosystem, reflects who we are as a company and how we put sustainability at the core of everything we do, be it our relationships with clients and colleagues to how we undertake the management of wealth. It inspires our approach and influences our clients for a better, braver and more transparent service. 

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