December 18, 2020 Oak Catch Up with Tom Gandy Over Christmas Lunch

Isle of Man hosted an office Christmas lunch with pro-golfer Tom Gandy as the guest of honour

Oak Catch Up with Tom Gandy Over Christmas Lunch

Operations director, Christian Cowley, caught up with Tom to find out how he’s been getting along in what has been a particularly challenging season for golfers worldwide. Read on to find out more.

CC: Covid19 must have impacted in your plans.

TG: Yes indeed, six weeks of self-isolation spread amongst a number of competitions in the UK and southern Europe, but I’m not complaining as I’ve taken part in a number of competitions. The good news is that the competition year (I earned the right to play on the Challenge Tour for 2020) has been rolled forward to next year so my place on the Challenge Tour is assured for 2021. This has meant that I have been able to take advantage of more tournaments on the European Tour where competition is more consistently challenging.

CC: Looking back over this extraordinary last 10 months, what’s your take on 2020?

TG: Some good rounds, definitely the tournaments on the European have improved my overall game. The quality of the opposition and the courses have meant that you have to be playing well to make the cut. Tommy Fleetwood just made the cut (I was ahead at this point) but his play in the final two rounds meant that he ended up second – something I need to work on.

CC: Favourite competition of the year and what made it so?

TG:  Probably the ISPS Honda UK Championship around the brilliant Ryder Cup venue at the Belfry. I made my first cut on the European Tour at this event. Also on the final day on the iconic 10th hole (drivable par 4) I hit a really great drive that faded on to the flag, pitching and stopping 15 feet from the hole. I missed the eagle putt but made a nice simple birdie!

CC: Looking forward to 2021, where do you start and what are you looking to achieve?

TG: Three Challenge Tour competitions in South Africa in February and then back to UK. I hope to get invites to some further European Tour competitions before heading out to Europe for further Challenge Tour Competitions. My 2021 goals have to be to win a competition on either tour, and a top 20 end of year position on the Challenge.

CC: Well we will be following you throughout the year – hoping to see our favourite Manx Ambassador on SkyGolf. Really great to see you and may we all at Oak Group wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2021!

Wishing you lots of good luck for 2021 Tom Gandy - from Team Oak!

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