January 4, 2023 Oak Supports Local Food Bank this Christmas 

Over the holiday season, our people arranged collections for local food banks

Oak Supports Local Food Bank this Christmas 

With the holiday season having just ended, over December, our people arranged collections for the local food banks, who are in desperate need of supplies.

Nearly 40% of the people asking for help were previously able to manage but with the cost of living increases this year, they have been pushed to the edge and contacting the food bank was their only option. Our teams in Guernsey, Isle of Man and Jersey have come together to support their local food banks.  


Our Guernsey office donated to the Guernsey Welfare Services – Foodbank, one of the largest foodbanks in Guernsey. During the month of December, their service is in high demand, ensuring that families in need receive essentials as well as seasonal treats such as chocolates, selection boxes, crisps, and snacks, etc. 


Knowing there are many people out there this Christmas desperate for food supplies, our Jersey team got together and donated funds and food to the local food bank, The Society of St Vincent de Paul.  

Donations included non-perishable everyday food and household items such as cereals, tinned food and cleaning products. 

Honorary Treasurer Peter Farrell said "On behalf of SVP may I wish you a very happy New Year and thank you most sincerely for your very kind donation to our funds. Our numbers have increased from about 50 a week in the autumn, to some 90 a week in the run up to Christmas. This has meant our monthly food and toiletries bills have escalated alarmingly, so your donation will make a great difference. Thank you once again."

Isle of Man 

This year, our Isle of Man team chose to support the local Foodbank throughout the year. In addition to the monthly food collections, they have held bake sales, volunteering, casual clothes days, and other ad hoc events where they have raised an astounding £1,200! 

The Isle of Man office staff will continue to work with the Foodbank, donating items to this vital charity and volunteering throughout the coming year. 

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