September 13, 2022 Oak celebrates International Charity Day 

Oak Group honoured International Charity Day this September with a series of charity events.

Oak celebrates International Charity Day 

A number of events were held throughout our offices to raise awareness, funds, and provide vital support to our chosen charities. 


Guernsey chose to support the Guernsey Welfare Service, the Guernsey Society for Cancer Relief, and the Guernsey Alzheimer's Association. Their week began with a raffle, which was followed by a week-long food drive that was donated to a local food bank. Joni Nettleship from the Guernsey Community Foundation also visited our team to discuss the organisations they support and how individuals may become involved. 


Oak Guernsey International Charity Day Events


The Jersey team voted to support Hospice Jersey and Dementia Jersey. Numerous activities and events were held, including a bottle raffle with the chance to win anything from a bottle of fairy liquid to a bottle of champagne, guess the weight of the sweetie jar, the Big Oak quiz, and doggy bingo! 


Oak Jersey International Charity Day Events

Isle of Man 

Along with their monthly collection of Food and Goods that will be donated to the Isle of Man Foodbank, our Isle of Man office the staff has also volunteered in their spare time at the foodbank. The team also organised a "Salad-Oaky" in which everyone contributed delicious dishes and put their culinary skills to the test. 


Oak Isle of Man International Charity Day Salad Bar


Malta's week was dedicated to organising a food drive for the Malta Foodbank. The Foodbank Lifeline, a non-profit chosen by the people, provides non-perishable, nutritionally balanced 7-day food packets - including canned goods, cereals, pasta, sauces, and rice - to individuals, couples, and families that are struggling to find money for food. 


Oak Malta International Charity Day Donations


Oak Mauritius hosted an awareness talk by Befrienders Mauritius to introduce our staff to this remarkable charity that provides over-the-phone and face-to-face assistance to individuals in distress, despair, and suicidal behaviour. The team also placed donation boxes throughout the office, which will be donated to Unicity. Furthermore, as a result of their recent partnership with the Kolectif Riviere Noire, our employees also volunteered to help deliver classes as well as donate much-needed food and materials to the school's students and their families. 


Oak Mauritius International Charity Day Befrienders Talk

Finally, Group Chairman Mark Chasey along with Managing Director, James Tracey also visited South Africa to attend a fundraiser to raise much needed funds for CoolPlay, a sport-based youth development programme that provides a safe space for children ages 5 to 18 to play sports after school, which raised over R300,000 for CoolPlay.   

It is fantastic to see all of our jurisdictions participated in this wonderful initiative, as a people-first business, we are honoured to support the communities where we operate.

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