September 23, 2022 Sustainable Finance Week 2022

We Are Guernsey covers topics of biodiversity, energy transition, carbon markets and pricing.

Sustainable Finance Week 2022

Guernsey’ flagship sustainability event addressed topics of biodiversity, energy transition, carbon markets and pricing; and how important engagement across financial services is to progress sustainability goals globally.

Alongside the main event hosted by We Are Guernsey, 22 fringe events where held exploring sustainable finance, including presentations on key global and local topics.

Oak was eager to support one of the first events, Sustainable Talent Development, which was led by Stephen Nolan and attended by our very own Head of Sustainability, James Tracey who participated in the panel to discuss sustainability skills and how Guernsey can collaborate to identify skills gaps in its workforce and develop a roadmap to upskill in this vital area.

The key findings from this discussion indicated that:

  • Guernsey will need to evolve existing plans and develop a comprehensive road map in order to coordinate efforts to understand our specific skill gaps, develop or source relevant training to fill these gaps, and ensure that Guernsey maximises their impact and return on investment
  • Guernsey has a genuine opportunity to demonstrate leadership and dedication on a global scale if stakeholders work together with a shared purpose
  • Local government support is essential, however businesses, industry bodies and key individuals within the industry must drive involvement and generate momentum.

James was able to reference the approach taken by Oak Group, which was to provide foundational level training to all of its global staff. He continued that by providing a broad understanding of ESG matters and enabling involvement at all levels, Oak was able to have high levels of engagement and alignment in matters of sustainability.

James said “Guernsey has both a compelling need, and a great opportunity, to develop a comprehensive road map that addresses our skills gaps to ensure that Guernsey can lead on sustainability matters – particularly those relating to governance and risk management in financial services”

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